Enjoy the Holidays and Get Ready for the New Year!
Dear Friends and Colleagues,
It’s that wonderful time of the year again…a time for giving and enjoying family and friends, being grateful for what you have, and celebrating all the good in people and life. We started our giving early with a free webinar on setting priorities on November 9th and had a great group —some old friends as well as new. We are doing another free webinar in January 2022 to help get you started rebooting in the new year. It will be held virtually on Thursday, January 20th at 5 pm ET. You can register HERE and we hope you can join us.
“Gift of Time” – Giving yourself the “gift of time” during this season is the best gift of all. Try to make it a priority — starting with yourself. Take a day off to just play, or go to a spa or take a long walk in nature. Other “gifts of time” might be:
  • homemade coupons for babysitting for a young couple or single mom;
  • play dates or lunch or dinner with your child or grandchild;
  • a visit to an elderly relative;
  • lunch with a long lost friend;
  • date night with your spouse or partner; or
  • time to help someone in need. 
Simplifying – Experiences are always more memorable than physical gifts. Here are 5 things you might want to do to make the holidays even more meaningful and serene for you…simplifying your life is part of that.
  • Make the tree decorating or house decorating a group thing…family and friends…and do it all in one setting
  • Make the holiday dinner a “planned potluck”…you do the turkey or ham and assign other dishes to people you invite. Cathy does this every year in Santa Fe, and it is delicious and fun because everyone brings their favorite holiday recipe!
  • Trim down your gift list and make more use of gift cards to favorite stores or restaurants or experiences, like the zoo or a musical
  • Don’t be a perfectionist…skip the things you don’t really enjoy doing and plan more time with friends and family outside (safer during the COVID surge anyway!)
  • Give yourself the gift of time so that you truly enjoy the season and are not frazzled…repeat…take a day off, go to a spa, take a bubble bath with champagne and a long nap afterwards…you get the picture!

Retreats 2022 – Our in-person Reboot Your Life Retreats next year are:
April 8-10 in Santa Fe, New Mexico
September 16-18 in Sag Harbor, New York
See more information HERE.  



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We wish you the very best for the holidays and New Year and look forward to seeing you in 2022! 
Happy Holidays!
Catherine Allen, Nancy Bearg and Jaye Smith
Reboot Partners LLC