“Reboot Partners have developed a user-friendly methodology to help others refocus their lives and careers so that they can learn to live their lives with passion, intent, productivity and joy.”

~ Berkshires November 2012 Retreat Attendee


Despite challenges from Hurricane Sandy, we were able to hold our November retreat in the Berkshires. A few people had to postpone due to travel difficulties but we did have one participant fly all the way in from Columbia to join us. The skies were blue and the air a bit crisp. Leaves were changing outside as lives were changing inside.

When one person introduced herself as a “Type A” everyone else chimed in “me too.” Why is it that so many of us feel the need to prove ourselves over and over and over again? We returned to that question frequently throughout our weekend together. The response, we all agreed, lies in the ability to give oneself permission – permission to think about you, your needs, and to enjoy opportunities now and ahead. After two and a half short but intense days, retreat attendees all left reinvigorated and committed to finding passion and balance in their lives. Each left with a specific plan, but common themes included not having to be a “Type A,” being able to give oneself permission to follow dreams and how to say no to naysayers or time robbers.

As we turn to the upcoming holidays, are you one of those type A’s who is going to try to cook the biggest and best meal ever for all of your relatives? In this time of becoming absorbed with holiday decorating, cooking, buying and doing things for others, give yourself permission to think of yourself and think of a few fun things that you would enjoy. Tiny opportunities for renewal benefit everyone.

Wishing you and your family a very happy holiday season. We invite you to view some of the recipes from our Berkshires weekend by clicking here.