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February 6, 2012

Reboot Your Life featured on TalkRadio Baltimore


Co-Author Jaye Smith was interviewed on “Money, Riches & Wealth”, the popular radio show on TalkRadio 680 WCBM in Baltimore.

Jaye shares incredible insights and tips on taking a sabbatical. Rebooting, Jaye says, is going to be “our secret weapon as we move forward.  With the way our world is going, and the pace of change, people are going to need a break to keep going and stay resilient, because people aren’t retiring.”

Listen to the full podcast here.








July 29, 2011

Reboot Your Life on the WCBS Morning Bell Report

Listen to Co-Author Catherine Allen’s special appearance on the “Women and Business” segment of the the WCBS Opening Bell Report, broadcast this week.

On these segments, Cathy explains what the research overwhelmingly proves – that contrary to many people’s beliefs, taking a break actually enhances people’s professional lives – even after lay-offs.  She also explores how companies today are using sabbaticals as an attraction and retention tool, and gives important tips on how to prepare and present the business case for taking a sabbatical to your employer.


April 25, 2011

Reboot Your Life featured on KKZZ Los Angeles


Click the link above to hear Co-Author Nancy Bearg speak about Reboot-ing Your Life on the radio show Connect with Kimberly Reid – KKZZ Los Angeles.