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February 7, 2014

Reboot Your Life on NBC News!

NBCNews Courtesy of Lee Attix

NBCNews Courtesy of Lee Attix

Reboot Partners was featured in this new article on the NBC News website about the rise of adults taking mid-life gap years, a subject we’ve been interviewed about before.

Usually seen as a tradition solely for young people before they start college, adults are wanting in on the growth and renewal that can be gained from “taking a breather from the track that they’re on.”  Of course, those in their mid-life have heavier responsibilities than young people – as always, our advice before taking time off is to start planning early and to build a network of support with family, friends, and colleagues:

“Once you’ve vetted it with the people who support your needs, planning is the No. 1 most important element of the whole process,” says Reboot Partner Jaye Smith in the article.

Read the full article here with more quotes from Jaye, and then make your own plans for a mid-life gap year at our next Reboot Your Life Retreat!


November 7, 2013

Planning for Your Break

We were thrilled that this article in the Business section of the New York Times by Alina Tugend put so much focus on thorough planning as key to your sabbatical success.  We agree – that’s why we included a whole chapter on the topic in our book, and another whole chapter on specifically financial planning.  Tugend’s suggestion that sabbatical-planning start a year out is a great one!  We also loved the suggestion about taking shorter sabbaticals if a longer isn’t possible right now.

To start your personal sabbatical planning, check out our book or our retreats!