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October 10, 2014

Reboot Story from International Culinary Center

featuredMarkWhat a fabulous reboot story into a new interest/career from our friends at The International Culinary Center! Check out the story of Mark, who left a career in finance to pursue his dream – Pastry Arts!

Read the full article here.

September 4, 2014

Cathy Allen featured on Super Aging Today Radio!

Co-Founder Catherine Allen was featured on Super Aging NJ and Super Aging Today Radio sharing her expertise on sabbaticals, self reinvention & rebooting your life at any age!

Listen to full show here.

August 27, 2014

The Sag Harbor Reboot Your Life Retreat 2014 – Moving Forward

Sag Harbor 2014 Boat“I feel like I have more of a picture of what I’m going toward.”

“I’m feeling really empowered.”

“I am so glad I listened to my inner voice that said ‘Invest in yourself’ because over the course of this long weekend I met people who became invested in me. What a gift to have an immediate advisory board to force me to re-evaluate things in a new light — with a more positive filter.”

“I began my sabbatical with one destination in mind. Thankfully, the retreat opened my eyes to focus more on the journey and that ultimately the destination would present itself to me.”

Walking on the beach? Sitting in the sand? Is this a Reboot Your Life retreat where people are hard at work on figuring out the next chapter of their lives?

Yes, it is! After getting to know each other Friday evening and doing the first part of the personal roadmap-building, we headed to a picturesque Sag Harbor cove for a walking meditation – a visualization of how we want our lives to look in a year. Everyone walked where they wanted and visualized their future, then sat in the sand to write it down. The beauty and serenity were assets.

The participants in this Reboot Your Life Retreat in Sag Harbor came together across generations to share a common purpose — to uncover what’s next for them. They ranged in age from 35-65, yet broke down barriers of age and career to created a supporting and nurturing environment from which to grow and explore possibilities.  Everyone commented that although there were people already on a Reboot Break – planned and unplanned – another preparing for retirement, and another planning what to do instead of retirement,  and no one felt out of place or unsupported.

Sag Harbor 2014 Beach2

And it was fun! What a great time of year and a great location at Jaye’s comfortable house in Sag Harbor. We had good food and fellowship – and hard work, as everyone asked themselves questions and charted their course forward. Everyone supported each other with ideas and reinforcement during the retreat and their contact since then indicates a continued community of support.

All the participants left with a clearer idea of their next chapter and what needs to be thought through and done to get there. We ended with a powerful skills assessment that was validating, motivating, and inspiring.  Some had never gotten such good feedback about what they bring to their lives and their future.  A greater ease was felt by all about the task of planning their next chapter, as each had started a roadmap.

We facilitators never cease to be amazed and pleased by the transformations that take place. We have one more retreat in 2014 – October 10-12 in Cape Cod – and four retreats planned for 2015. 2015?! Make it the year you move forward in designing and planning your life!

July 1, 2014

Part-time Retirement – The Atlantic

In preparation for our new book on retirement coming out this fall, we continue to find more and more fascinating ways that individuals and companies are re-creating retirement.

This article in The Atlantic focuses on the wisdom of part-time retirement, specifically a program at the National Institutes of Health that allows older employees to stay on at 20 hours per week, retaining their expertise and providing a gentle on-ramp to long, costly retirements.

“The biggest piece is that we get to retain talent that would otherwise be leaving,” says Philip Lenowitz, the agency’s former deputy director of the Office of Human Resources, who also participates in the part-time retiree work program. The program also allows NIH workers to ease into retirement. “It’s a way to find out how to transition from not putting on a suit and tie every day,” Lenowitz adds.

Read the full article here.




April 30, 2014

Brooklyn 2014 Reboot Your Life Retreat ~ Authenticity

“The retreat provided connection, community, tools, and a plan.”


“At the retreat, I found self discovery, exploration, insight, ideas from others, great people, developing relationships, fun, laughter and learning. It was an amazing and joyful experience.”

 “The single biggest way to move forward in life is to envision change in a supportive atmosphere—and that is the substance of the Reboot Your Life Retreat.”

 “The workshop exceeded my expectations! The four Reboot Partners have such great synchronicity. I’ve attended other workshops, and this one is truly one of the best. Great teachings, great interactive exercises, great direction. Thank you.”

Those are but a few of the quotes from participants after the April 2014 Reboot Your Life Retreat in Brooklyn, NY. This was an outstanding group of women and men who nurtured each other from when we sat down for introductions on Friday afternoon to when we parted after lunch on Sunday. There was so much sharing and caring all around as everyone contemplated and began to plan their next chapter. Hard work too, as we went through the content of the sessions and workbook.


Some participants were planning a Reboot Break from work or a reinvention. Others were in a pre-retirement designing phase. Despite that and an age diversity, the issues were similar – as we always find at these Retreats – so the group was exploring and discovering together.

Every Retreat group has its own personality, and a theme emerges. The theme of this retreat turned out to be authenticity.  Everyone came to realize that they want to be their authentic selves in their professional and personal lives, and especially going forward in designing and living their next chapter. There’s a freedom in that.

BK2014TablePic2The setting was lovely at Rita’s Brooklyn brownstone home. Rain was predicted but we had sunshine and even spent some time in the garden.

We had fun too. One member is a singer, and we had an impromptu dance party in Rita’s kitchen one night to the sounds of his CD. Another member shared his cooking skills, with great roast chicken, fennel salad, roasted potatoes, and cake. In fact, all the meals were healthy and excellent. Watch for recipes on our blog soon!

Everyone said their expectations for the Retreat had been met or exceeded. Certainly strong bonds were formed, and there were “aha” moments and new personal plans made. We Reboot Partners were thrilled with the whole enterprise and can’t wait for the next 2014 Retreats in Sag Harbor August 15-17 and Cape Cod October 10-12. Join us!!