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September 30, 2014

Reboot Partners featured on Fast Company

3036292-poster-1280-sabbatical-planningFastCompanyReboot Partner Cathy Allen was featured in an illuminating article by Gwen Moran on – How Taking a Sabbatical Isn’t as Impossible as it Sounds.  


Cathy highlights what we find in some of our research about the ways in which sabbaticals benefit both companies and employees:

“Intel tells us that one of the best benefits to them is not only do their employees remain loyal and come back refreshed and renewed, but it helps employees have a broader-based skill set, because while an employee is gone the others in the department have to cover for that employee. It helps them to learn more about different functions and actually it helps develop skills.”

Read the full article here.

August 14, 2014

August Newsletter – Our New Book Coming Soon!

Preparing for retirement. How many of us have done it? A new study says that 20% of workers in the U.S. have zero savings for retirement. Another study shows only 25% are prepared financially. Many more haven’t thought about their next chapter of life or are worried about what it will mean for them. It’s not just financial.

Our new book opens up so many possibilities for Baby Boomers and even those who have already retired. You may live another third of your life! How do you want to live it? Can you envision it? This book – Revolutionary Retirement: What’s Next for YOU? – will help on the issues mentioned above and more. Issues like what will I do with my time, how can I keep working in a satisfying way, make my money last, work things out at home with my spouse or with my kids or parents living there. How can I leave a legacy, be creative, enjoy life.

It’s all there, with exercises, stories, lots of research and interviews, and a great appendix of resources. Why? To help anyone approaching “retirement” to plan and design their own vibrant next chapter of life.

Stay tuned for the launch!

March 11, 2014


CChero_allstar_2013We were pleased to find out that Reboot Partners was named as a 2013 Constant Contact ALL STAR for our work reaching out to our community through our e-newsletters and announcements.  

We thank YOU for being a part of this success and joining in on our on-going conversations about the Rebooting Your Life and seeking more fulfillment in your personal and professional life!

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January 16, 2014

Reboot Partners in The Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch

A follow up to our special Wall Street Journal article from December, Co-Author Rita Foley was interviewed by Anne Tergesen for ENCORE“A Blog about Living in and Planning for Retirement”, part of WSJ’s Market Watch.  


Reboot Partner Rita Foley

Rita shares her personal story of taking four career breaks as well as incredible tips about planning for a year off at any stage of your career:

We tell people not to book up too much of their time. There is no right answer, but don’t over-plan. Leave some time for things to unfold. I say this because during a gap year, you can rediscover yourself.

Read the full article here.

December 26, 2013

Reboot Your Life on Fox Business News!

Reboot Partner Catherine Allen was interviewed by Connell McShane and Dagen McDowell on Fox Business News about the value of taking time off from your career.  Cathy speak to the benefits for both individuals and organizations, as well as tips and “lessons learned” from those who have taken a Reboot Break.  (The interview begins after a short video advertisement.)