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October 13, 2015

Catherine Allen welcomed by Nasdaq

Cathy at Nasdaq2Cathy at Nasdaq1Our very own Catherine Allen a few days ago welcomed by NASDAQ for a presentation “Inside America’s Boardrooms.”  Being on a corporate or non-profit ‪board is a great thing to do in retirement (and we do address that, as well as other great activities for your reboot into the next stage in our 3rd book — coming out Oct 19!)

March 20, 2015

Cathy Allen featured in Directors & Boards Magazine

DirectorsandBoardsReboot Partner Cathy Allen was featured in a recent article in Directors and Boards Magazine sharing her wisdom on how to succeed as a women corporate board member- specifically, how to “demystify” the other board members right at the beginning of your involvement.  Cathy describes her process:

 “Before I even get to a first meeting, I talk to every single board member as well as the general counsel and the senior executives in the company. I want to know not just how the company operates, but also the politics of the board, so that I’ll have a sense of who people are and how they coalesce. Then, during that first board meeting, it’s best not to say a lot; rather, listen and watch the body language and interactions among directors. By the second meeting, you’re ready to participate because you understand the board on three levels: intellectual (what’s being talked about), emotional (what are the hotspots or issues), and interest (who’s really engaged).”

Read the full article here: Cathy Allen in Directors & Boards Magazine

March 19, 2015

Cathy Allen and Women Corporate Directors Conference

Reboot Partner Cathy Allen organized a recent conference in El Paso for Women Corporate Directors where she is on the national board.  In our book The Retirement Boom, we write about corporate boards in as part of reinventing into new work.  In this clip from KFox News, Cathy highlights the fact that there is a proven correlation between corporate boards with a gender diversity and more economic success!

Check out the video here: Cathy Allen on KFox

January 8, 2015

Cathy Allen featured in Global Association of Risk Professionals Article

catherineallensf - 2Reboot Partner Cathy Allen was recently featured in an article in the Global Associate of Risk Professionals News about the ever-more-complicated risk landscape for corporate directors with a special focus on cyber security.

Now chairman and CEO of consulting firm Santa Fe Group and an active member of Women Corporate Directors, [Catherine] Allen notes that “there is growing awareness of the different kinds of risk: cyber and physical security, operational and reputational.” Cyber security is currently front and center in the minds of directors, she notes, as the number of cyber attacks “grows exponentially.”

Read the full article here: Global Association of Risk Professionals Article.