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September 30, 2014

Reboot Partners featured on Fast Company

3036292-poster-1280-sabbatical-planningFastCompanyReboot Partner Cathy Allen was featured in an illuminating article by Gwen Moran on – How Taking a Sabbatical Isn’t as Impossible as it Sounds.  


Cathy highlights what we find in some of our research about the ways in which sabbaticals benefit both companies and employees:

“Intel tells us that one of the best benefits to them is not only do their employees remain loyal and come back refreshed and renewed, but it helps employees have a broader-based skill set, because while an employee is gone the others in the department have to cover for that employee. It helps them to learn more about different functions and actually it helps develop skills.”

Read the full article here.

July 1, 2014

Part-time Retirement – The Atlantic

In preparation for our new book on retirement coming out this fall, we continue to find more and more fascinating ways that individuals and companies are re-creating retirement.

This article in The Atlantic focuses on the wisdom of part-time retirement, specifically a program at the National Institutes of Health that allows older employees to stay on at 20 hours per week, retaining their expertise and providing a gentle on-ramp to long, costly retirements.

“The biggest piece is that we get to retain talent that would otherwise be leaving,” says Philip Lenowitz, the agency’s former deputy director of the Office of Human Resources, who also participates in the part-time retiree work program. The program also allows NIH workers to ease into retirement. “It’s a way to find out how to transition from not putting on a suit and tie every day,” Lenowitz adds.

Read the full article here.




April 9, 2014

SAP and “Social Sabbaticals”

We were very interested to see this article about SAP – one of our interviewees for our 1st book!  It highlights the company’s program of giving “social sabbaticals” to retain tomorrow’s leaders:

“93 percent of CEOs acknowledge that they need to change their strategies to attract and retain new talent (previous surveys have indicated the same realization), but less than a third have acted on these plans.”

Read the full article here.


February 14, 2014

The Truth about Job Burn-out ~ Psychology Today


We were struck by this article “Non Voyage” on Psychology Today by Laura Berger and Glen Tibaldeo, authors of Radical Sabbatical.  It makes the strongest case we’ve read about the negative impacts of the American tradition of leaving vacation days unused.  

As the article cites – according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Americans allow an average of 459 million vacation days to expire each year.  You may think – like “Bob” featured in this article – that resisting taking days off is key to your career success, but in fact, it’s proven that that the sleep deprivation and stress that stems from overwork in fact costs companies billions of dollars in lost productivity every year.

Read the full article here and we hope you learn from Bob’s mistakes and start planning for your Reboot Break!

January 20, 2014

Sabbaticals for Women in the Military

AP Photo

AP Photo

We were fascinated to see this article by the Associated Press detailing a new program the military is experimenting with to offer officers a year-long sabbatical.

The time off is “an intermission period to meet their personal needs,” says Lt. Gen. Howard B. Bromberg, the Army’s deputy chief of staff.  The focus with the sabbatical program is to especially enable midcareer female officers to take necessary time off for family while still maintaining their position in the military ranks – a plan that worked for Navy pilot Valerie Overstreet (pictured).

If the fledging  program gets full approval, we will have to add the military to our ever-growing list of Organizations Who Get It!