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February 14, 2017

Retirement Boom featured in BBC Capital article

June 2, 2016

Nancy Bearg Moderates in DC on Aging and Innovation

At a May 19th breakfast hosted by the Harvard Kennedy School DC Alumni Council and AARP, AARP’s first female CEO Jo Ann Jenkins shared her views on aging and the $7.1 trillion longevity economy, followed by a lively discussion with the multigenerational audience. Moderator Nancy Bearg introduced Ms. Jenkins after making opening remarks about social policy, intergenerational relations and the workforce, and other challenges and opportunities presented by the wave of 110 million Americans 50 and older moving through society.

Ms. Jenkins shared how AARP is sparking new conversations and solutions so more people can choose how they live and age. AARP’s call to action is to build design solutions that aim to fulfill the needs of all generations, leading with the 50-plus consumer in mind. These are also topics of her new book, Disrupt Aging.

May 10, 2016

Sag Harbor 2016 Reboot Your Life Retreat

“Inspiring, provoking, and nurturing.”

“This is incredibly well conceived. I was totally engaged and learned from my own responses and also from the other participants. I gained insights from every session.”

-Sag Harbor 2016 Retreat Participants

The setting was Jaye’s comfortable and lovely home  in Sag Harbor, New York. It was a perfect place to  gather to talk about one’s next chapter with others  on the same quest, with the privacy of the newly  leafy trees and yet with a big open deck and an open,  inviting atmosphere that quickly turned to trust.

The early-spring beach was beguiling and  inspirational, as participants walked in an exercise  to envision their next chapter. With that as a first  step, they proceeded through more discussions and  exercises to put together many of the pieces, as well  as questions, about their path and plan.

The skills exercise is always a reinforcing and eye-  opening activity, and this time was no exception.  These participants began to see skills and talents they didn’t even consider before. The changing world means new needs and new ways of doing things, so creativity and experience and strong personal qualities can lead to many opportunities.

The retreat was dedicated to our beloved partner and co-author Rita Foley, who passed away March 30, 2016. We all strongly felt her spirit and input throughout the weekend. We three (Cathy, Nancy, and Jaye) miss her very much and will continue to include Rita stories (and wisdom) in all our retreats and other activities.



May 9, 2016

Reboot in Voice America

Hemda Mizrahi and Reboot Partner Jaye Smith co-author the article “Reboot Your Life at 60+: Start Planning for Your Next Chapter.” Click here to read what they have to say.

Also, there’s this great episode on Voice America that you can listen to with Jaye and Hemda, click here to listen.

April 26, 2016

Reboot in Success Magazine

Reboot Partner Jaye Smith gives an interesting interview in Success Magazine and lays out seven helpful tips to start your sabbatical-along with interviews with people that have taken time off with great success. Click here to read.