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Sag Harbor 2016 Reboot Your Life Retreat

“Inspiring, provoking, and nurturing.” “This is incredibly well conceived. I was totally engaged and learned from my own responses and also from the other participants. I gained insights from every session.” -Sag Harbor 2016 Retreat Participants The setting was Jaye’s...

Reboot in Voice America

Hemda Mizrahi and Reboot Partner Jaye Smith co-author the article "Reboot Your Life at 60+: Start Planning for Your Next Chapter." Click here to read what they have to say. Also, there's this great episode on Voice America that you can listen to with Jaye and Hemda,...

Reboot in Success Magazine

Reboot Partner Jaye Smith gives an interesting interview in Success Magazine and lays out seven helpful tips to start your sabbatical-along with interviews with people that have taken time off with great success. Click here to read.

Rita and Jaye talk to Karen Kalis!

Rita Foley and Jaye Smith sat down to talk to Karen Kalis about Reboot Your Life on her popular webinar. Here's what Karen had to say after meeting with them: "Jaye Smith and Rita Foley left me feeling completely energized after their interview.  According to these...