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April 17, 2020

Write Up Her Alley

The free Webinar Series offered by Reboot Partners is off to a great start and attracting a strong following, with a participant list that continues to grow.  The half-hour-long Wednesday ZOOM meetings begin at 5:00 PM (ET) and have been packed full of content geared to enhancing personal development and achievement.  Positive results from the first two sessions have been shared by participants, a testament to the Webinar’s out-of-the-gate success. 

In the second of the 6-part series, held on Wednesday, April 15th, nearly five dozen registered participants gathered on the ZOOM call meeting.  The evening’s topic: “Journaling: From Technique to Insightfulness.”  Listening in was Susan, a New York City resident who took quick action on the things she had learned, creating a ‘sacred space’ in her home to be used each day for her morning journaling activity.  

Here’s my journaling morning. Journal, coffee, my little sacred space, and hand sanitizer. Lol. As you can see the ‘catch-all’ list I was keeping as I journaled (great idea), maybe longer than the journal entry itself. Lol! Thank you again for a great session. Xoxo”—Susan.

Susan’s large, wooden desk (shown above) now serves as the perfect place for her daily journaling-place to record her ideas, organize thoughts, set and achieve goals.  (photo submitted)

The Reboot Webinar Series is based on reflection, exploration, and reframing during the COVID-19 sheltering experience.  The Series is an excellent way to use this time for thinking about your next chapter.   Reboot Partner Jaye Smith started the series off successfully last week with “New Perspectives – Navigating a Forced Sabbatical.”  This coming week’s topic is: “Using Circle Goals to Plan Ahead in a Whole-of-Life Way (April 22).

The FREE series will go from Wednesday, April 8 through Wednesday, May 13, starting at 5pm (ET). 

To register visit Registrants will receive the access information on Wednesdays.