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September 5, 2013

Less Vacation than a Medieval Peasant?

REUTERS/Eric Gaillard

REUTERS/Eric Gaillard

We were shocked by this article on Reuters about why a medieval peasant had many more days off work a year (around 215) than the modern American worker does today (around 8!)

As we here at Reboot Partners are well aware, taking time off is key to both an individual and a company’s health and well-being.  As the author Lynn Parramore asserts:

Ironically, this cult of endless toil doesn’t really help the bottom line. Study after study shows that overworking reduces productivity. On the other hand, performance increases after a vacation, and workers come back with restored energy and focus. The longer the vacation, the more relaxed and energized people feel upon returning to the office. 

Read the full article here and then ask yourself: is it time for you to take a break?  Join Reboot Partner Rita Foley at the end of this month at the Golden Door Spa – a “Zen-inspired oasis for those looking to refocus their minds and reenergize their bodies.”